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The Political Illusion
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The Political Illusion
By: Ellul, Jacques, Kellen, Konrad, Gill, David W.
Format: Paperback

Publisher: Wipf & Stock Publishers
ISBN: 1606089765
ISBN-13: 9781606089767
SKU: 9781606089767

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""What is politization? . . . (It is that) all problems have, in our time, become political."" --J. Ellul, from the Introduction Jacques Ellul, the author of The Technological Society and Propaganda, here examines modern man's passion for politics, the roles he plays in them, and his place in the modern state. He holds that everything having now been ""politized,"" anything not directly political fails to arouse widespread interest among contemporary men--and in fact might be said not to exist. He shows that political activity is now a kaleidoscope of interlocking illusions, among which the most basic and damaging are those of popular participation in government, popular control of elected and other officials, and popular solution of public problems. This domination by the political illusion, Ellul demonstrates, explains why men now turn to the state for the solution of all problems--most of them problems that the state could not solve if it tried. This close-reasoned, brilliant diagnosis and prognosis is, like Jacques Ellul's earlier books, an alarming analysis of present-day life. ""The Political Illusion completed Ellul's trinity of social criticism that includes The Technological Society and Propaganda. On this 50th anniversary of the book's publication, his insight still holds strong that politics is no longer possible as the free pursuit of external goals to support the general good."" --David Lovekin, Philosophy, Hastings College Jacques Ellul (1912-1994), a French sociologist and lay theologian, was Professor Emeritus of Law and of the History and Sociology of Institutions at the University of Bordeaux. He wrote more than forty books, including The Technological Society, The Humiliation of the Word, and Technological Bluff .
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Release Date: March 2, 2015Pages: 298
Language: English
Binding: PaperbackPrint Size: 
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