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Finding God Beyond Harvard: The Quest for Veritas
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Finding God Beyond Harvard: The Quest for Veritas
By: Monroe Kullberg, Kelly
Format: Paperback

Publisher: IVP Books
ISBN: 0830837205
ISBN-13: 9780830837205
SKU: 9780830837205

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The quest for truth is an adventure into real life. In her book Finding God at Harvard, Kelly Monroe brought together the stories of thinking Christians whose search for truth led them to Veritas---in the person of Jesus Christ. Now she tells the story of her own journey into wonder and discovery, which took her beyond the ivied walls of Harvard to universities across the country. In the midst of the arid skepticism of the academy, she found a vibrant, interdisciplinary community unafraid of facing life's toughest questions, embracing the quest for true knowledge with intellectual rigor, delight and joy. As The Veritas Forum grappled with the insights of the academy's brightest Christian scholars, Kelly came to realize that truth or Veritas is no mere abstract concept but the very light by which we see all things. Engaging narrative and provocative content come together in this mind-stretching and heart-challenging journey. Come with Kelly on an intellectual road trip as The Veritas Forum explores the deepest questions of the university world, and the culture at large. And discover for yourself that Veritas transcends philosophy or religion and instead brings true life.
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Release Date: May 21, 2009Pages: 249
Language: English
Binding: PaperbackPrint Size: 
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