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Of Plymouth Plantation

Of Plymouth Plantation

Dover Publications 2006 Other

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Product Description

The most important and influential source of information about the Pilgrams and Plymouth Colony, this landmark account was written between 1630 and 1647. It vividly documents the Pilgrams' adventures: thier first stop in Holland, the harrowing transatlantic crossing  abroad the Maylower, the first harsh winter in the new colony, and the help from friendly Native Americans that saved thier lives. No one was better equipped to report on the affairs of the Plymoth community than William Bradford. Revered for his patience, wisdom, and courage, Bradford was elected to the office of governor in 1621, and he continued to serve in that position for more than three decades. His memoirs of the colony remained virtually unknown until the nineteenth centruy. Lost during the American Revolution, they were discovered years later in London and published after a protracted legal battle. The current edition rended into America.

Reprint of Bradford's History of the Plymouth Settlement,1608-1650, Rendered into Modern English by Harold Paget, E.P. Dutton and Co. New York, 1920

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  • Publisher: Dover Publications
  • ISBN: 0486452603
  • ISBN-13: 9780486452609
  • UPC: 000000993703
  • SKU: 9780486452609
  • Release Date: December 1, 2006
  • Binding: Other

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