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"The Talk" CD and "Sexual Brokenness" Special Set
"The Talk" CD and "Sexual Brokenness" Special Set
By: John Stonestreet
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The sexual brazenness and brokenness of our culture is astounding. From rampant porn addiction to growing numbers identifying as homosexuality to a skyrocketing rate of cohabitation, this is more than a moral slippage. Rather, it's a cultural embrace of what ought not be. What can be done to prepare kids for such a culture? John Stonestreet dives into the virtue of love by discussing and breaking down sexual brokenness.

Included on the flash drive are all four videos hosted by John Stonestreet as well as four corresponding studies written by T.M. Moore.

In this special set, you will also receive The Talk: Preparing the Next Generation for a Culture of Sexual Brokenness. In this audio CD, John Stonestreet highlights the well-meaning but mistaken approaches we often take in pursuit of purity, and highlights what we must understand to help students navigate the brokenness without becoming a victim of it.

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