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Making Sense of Your World: A Biblical Worldview
Making Sense of Your World: A Biblical Worldview
By: John Stonestreet, William E. Brown, W. Gary Phillips
Format: Paperback

Publisher: Sheffield Publishing Company
ISBN-13: 9781879215511
SKU: 2191_MakingSense

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Item Description

The truth is that everyone has a worldview. The tragedy is that many people think and live by their worldview and do not take the time to analyze what it is or even whether it is true.

The truth is that a worldview is like colored glasses; it colors everything at which we look. It is a grid through which one views all life. As such it helps form our thoughts, values, and decisions. The tragedy is that most people do not even know what their worldview is, how they got it, and how important it is in their lives.

Making Sense of Your World was not only one of the first on this subject, but it is one of the best. It comes from experts in the field who have decades of experience in teaching worldviews on the college level in two of the best Christian colleges in the country. -From the Foreword by Norman Geisler

Making Sense of Your World offers a basic, accessible introduction to biblical worldview that covers aspects of worldview thinking. Part One compares the basic worldviews, Part Two contrasts (and seeks to defend) the biblical worldview with the others, and Part Three constructs a biblical worldview in four key areas.

In this edition:
- structural change for improved readability
- added material on Islam
- extended examination on postmodernism
- added section on evaluating worldviews
- revised teaching tools including new study questions and case studies
- updated and expanded recommended reading list

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