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The Bible Through History: <i>Individual/Small Group Edition

The Bible Through History: Individual/Small Group Edition

NavPress DVD

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Product Description

Explore the rich history of the Bible with some of today's most popular names in ministry and scholarship. Held in the fall of 2012, The Bible Through History National Conference brought together Bible scholars, speakers, writers, and translators from all over the United States. Together, they collaborated on the latest scholarship related to the Bible- the Word of God brought down through history.

In this 5 disc set, the presenters encourage the church through communicating Bible history, tradition, translation distinctives, and stories. We hope you will enjoy and be able to share with others this valuable work.

In this set of 5 DVDs, you'll explore:

-Biblical Imagination and the Gospels (36 mins + 36 min concert)

-Early Proofs of Gospel Truths (1 hour 17 mins)

-Bible History from the Dead Sea to KJV (1 hour 34 mins)

-How the Bible has Changed Cultures (1 hour 10 mins)

-What is this Book and What are We to Do with It? (1 hour 5 mins)


-Philip Yancey
-John Stonestreet
-Dr. Joel Lampe
-Michael Card
-W. Michael McCormick

A leader's guide and bonus material DVD are also included.

Purchases from the Colson Library Bookstore help financially support the work of the Colson Center for Christian Worldview. Thank you for shopping with us!

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