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Being the Body:  <i>A New Call for the Church to be Light in the Darkness</i>
Being the Body: A New Call for the Church to be Light in the Darkness
By: Chuck Colson, Ellen Vaughn
Format: Hardcover

Publisher: Thomas Nelson
SKU: 2191_0849945089

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Item Description

Charles Colson has been called, "one of the most important social reformers in a generation." Ten years ago in The Body, Colson turned his prophetic attention to the church - and how it might break out of its cultural captivity and reassert its biblical identity.

Today the book's classic truths have not changed. But the world we live in has. Christians in America have had their complacency shattered and their beliefs challenged. Around the world, the clash of worldviews has never been more strident. Before all of us, on a daily basis, are the realities of life and death, terror and hope, light and darkness, brokenness and healing. We cannot withdraw to the comfort of our sanctuaries...we must engage. For, if ever there was a time for Christians to be the Body of Christ in the world, it is now.

In this new, revised, and expanded edition of Being the Body, Charles Colson revisits the question, "What is the church and what is its relevance to contemporary culture at large?" Provocative and insightful, Being the Body inspires us to rise above a stunted "Jesus and me" faith to a nobler view of something bigger and grander than ourselves --- the glorious, holy vision for which God created the church.

Purchases from the Colson Library Bookstore help financially support the work of the Colson Center for Christian Worldview. Thank you for shopping with us!

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Release Date: Jul 1 2004 12:00AM
Binding: HardcoverPrint Size: 
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