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City of God:

City of God:

Penguin Group USA 2004 Paperback

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Product Description

St. Augustine, bishop of Hippo, is one of the central figures in the history of Christianity, and City of God is one of his greatest theological works. Written as an eloquent defence of the faith at a time when the Roman Empire was on the brink of collapse, it examines the ancient pagan religions of Rome, the arguments of the Greek philosophers and the revelations of the Bible. Pointing the way forward to a citizenship that transcends worldly politics and will last for eternity, City of God represents a dramatic turning point in the unfolding of Christian doctrine. The new introduction by Gill Evans examines the text in the light of contemporary Greek and Roman thought and political change. It demonstrates the importance of religious and literary influences on St. Augustine and his significance as a Christian thinker. A revised edition of one of the most infuential documents in the development of Christianity

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  • Publisher: Penguin Group USA
  • ISBN: 0140448942
  • ISBN-13: 9780140448948
  • UPC: 000000852916
  • SKU: 9780140448948
  • Release Date: January 6, 2004
  • Format: Paperback
  • Language: English
  • Recommended Age Range: 14 through 17 years
  • Series Name: Penguin Classics

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